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Managing Your Information


At AAMPBIS Ltd our Business Intelligence Solutions are tailored to meet the Historical Current and Predictive views of SMEs and Large Organisations Business Operations.Through a process of Identifying Extracting and Analyzing Business Data.Moreover our Designs are primarily used to empower Business users through the familiar tools they already know how to use. End users can create their own reports and analysis and easily share and collaborate with their colleagues.Our solutions are designed with IT manageability and cost effectiveness in mind allowing for better management of critical data assets across diverse systems to ensure the integrity of information.

Our Key Capabilities:

  • Transactional and Datawarehouse Database Design Solutions
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cube Design
  • Extract Transform and Loading from a variation of Data Sources
  • Historical Current and Predictive Reporting through a variety of Reporting Software
  • Incorporating a Shared Integrated Reporting Portal
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